Why Buy from The Kayak Store?

That’s an easy question to answer: We are the coolest kayak shop in North Alabama!! But, seriously, selection, knowledge, and service are the real reasons why we should be your “go to” kayak store.

We offer Bonafide, Vibe, FeelFree, NuCanoe, and Big Fish brand kayaks. In addition to the kayaks, The Kayak Store has a huge selection of YakAttack, Yak Gear, and Rail Blaza kayak accessories to fit your kayak. We also carry Bending Branches and Vibe paddles, NRS PFDs, tackle management from Gruv and LureLock. 

We know the sport so we can help you pick out the right kayak, paddle, or PFD you need for what you want to do. We use all the products we sell. Our biggest passion is educating our customers. We are plugged into several local kayak fishing clubs so we can get you started in kayak fishing tournaments.

Not only do we stock more kayak accessories than any other store in North Alabama, we install them all; rudders, gear tracks, rod holders, pedal drive systems, lights, whatever you want to put on your kayak. We also offer free demos to insure you get the right kayak for you.All we ask is that you come by and visit us. Most folks that walk in to browse usually leave as friends. 

What Kayaks Have I Personally Owned?

My very first kayak was a Future Beach sit inside kayak. Actually, it was shared between me and my two boys. We bought it off Craigslist and fished the heck out of it. We realized that we were spending more time arguing about whose turn it was and how much longer their turn was than ours. We bought 2 more kayaks to relieve the arguments.

My pick was the Perception Pescador 12, a 12’ sit on top that was a great starter fishing kayak. It was pretty stable, light weight, easy to fish out of but not too comfortable. I fished out of that kayak for about 3 years until my back told me it was time to upgrade.

Wilderness Systems Ride 135 was the upgrade. It was really just a longer version of the Pescador with more bells and whistles and a much more comfortable seat. It was a great kayak for bigger waters but a little long for the smaller creeks that I liked to fish. I kept the Ride 135 but moved to the FeelFree Lure 11.5. The SUV of the kayak angling world, big, super stable, plenty of room for stuff. By this time in our kayak fishing “careers” we needed more “stuff” I loved my Lure 11.5, you could fish all day and it felt like you were in your recliner all day. I had a customer come in the store really wanting to buy a used Lure 11.5 and he always liked mine, the way it was set up (and my choice of decals). I knew he would enjoy it and really use it, so I sold it to him. I was sad to see it go.

So here I am, the owner of a kayak store with no kayak to call his own. That was until I started carrying the Bonafide kayaks. They were out of one of the colors I ordered so I just told them to ship me something else, their choice. As soon as the back door rolled up on the delivery truck, I saw it, my next kayak. It was a Bonafide SS127 in the color Venom, a neon greenish yellow. I love my new kayak, it’s comfortable, very stable, fishes great, and looks even better.

What’s next?? Pedal drive maybe?? Stay Tuned!!