YES! The possibilities are endless. There are accessories to fit every budget, every kayak, or requirement. There are simple add-ons like cup holders or rod holders to more extensive modifications, adding a trolling motor, for example. Most paddlers are in between, opting for a few creature comforts or add-ons to make their trips more enjoyable, comfortable, or to catch more fish. There are some folks that spend just as much as their kayaks on modifications. They are typically the hard core tournament anglers.

Most accessories are either “track” mounted or “flush” mounted. A “track” is typically a channel mounted on the kayak that allows the accessories to slide into and then simply tightened down. Flush mounted usually requires more drilling or cutting, which usually scares most people. If you don’t want to drill a large hole in your kayak, don’t worry, gear tracks can be mounted on almost any type of kayak with only a small amount of drilling or modification.

The Kayak Store has a full line of accessories from YakAttack, Vibe, Yak Gear, and Rail Blaza. If you don’t feel comfortable drilling holes in your brand new kayak, we can help. You can either practice on our damaged “practice” hulls or we will be glad to install them for you.

For more on accessories, please check out “Favorite Kayak Add-Ons.